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Morph Extension Kit


THE MORPH 30” Roller Extension Kit provides a quick and simple way to combine two MORPHs into a single, 30-inch foam roller so you can incorporate even more movements into your foam rolling practice. MORPH ROLLERS sold separately.

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The Roller Bag is constructed of durable nylon and sewn with care. The coupling disk is made of the same hyper-resilient, eco-friendly foam that comes standard on our rollers

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It’s just a bag and a piece of foam…but brilliant! Weighing in at less than 1/2 lbs, this Kit will have you brining your full 30-inch Morph Foam Roller in your carry-on

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Slip one MORPH into the Roller Bag, insert the coupling disk, slip the second MORPH into the bag, zip, ROLL!


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