Each Scratch & Dent Morph Roller that we offer is 100% functional and has only superficial blemishes on the foam.

At Brazyn Life, we maintain an unparalleled commitment to quality to ensure that every customer has a first-class experience with our products.

To that end, when it comes to what we ship, we go the extra mile to control the quality of our products to guarantee that each is up to our high standards.

But we also have a commitment to the environment. Our mission to be eco-friendly and to responsibly source sustainable materials is another bottom line that we uphold as well.

In maintaining this balance, we want to offer our customers an opportunity to purchase those products which don't fully meet our cosmetic standards, but are fully operational (and Brazyn-tastic!).

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What To Expect

Each Scratch & Dent Morph Roller is unique. While 100% functional, these Morphs all come with superficial blemishes on the foam. None of these issues will have any effect on the use of the roller. For examples of these blemishes, please refer to the slider images here.

Backed By Our 30-Day Guarantee

Though we can't notify our customers about every single superficial blemish that their individual roller may have, we still honor our 30-Day Guarantee for these Morph Rollers. If you're experiencing an issue with your roller, please reach out to us:

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Still The Morph Roller You've Heard All About

These Morph Rollers might not be the prettiest of the litter, but they're still the same trusty, world-famous self-maintenance tools. Each Scratch & Dent Roller will last for many years and many adventures and comes ready with our 2-Year Limited Warranty


This Warranty Excludes:

  • -normal wear and tear
  • -damage caused by accident, improper use of the item, abuse, mishandling, or transport
  • -damage caused by improper storage
  • -items where a dated proof of purchase cannot be provided
  • -items purchases through an unauthorized dealer

LEARN - The Morph Foam Roller

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