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Talon Universal

Effortlessly Reach Every MuscleGet better, faster with Talon Universal you open up the 40% of your body that you can't reach with a stand-alone massage gun.

Compatible with 99% of Massage Guns - The universal gun mount will work with all guns with cylindrical shaped handles (including all Hyperice models), mini-massage guns, as well as Theragun Prime and Theragun Elite (will not work with Theragun Mini), and other brand names.

Attach Your Gun In SecondsAs simple as inserting your existing massage gun and tightening the straps.

Ergonomically Designed - The curved lightweight arm makes it easy to add leverage in hard-to-reach places while staying relaxed

multiple Tools In OneTalon Universal comes with a scraping tool and a manual massage cain/hook attachment

Travel With EaseTalon Univeral easily breaks down and comes with its own carying case, great for travel.

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The massage gun that reaches farther.

Pay In Installments | Starting at $42.25 / 2 weeks with no interest (select at Checkout)

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2-year limited warranty

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Talon Universal gives you both:

The ability to reach your own back with almost any massage gun.
A cane-style back massager manual attachment.

A good massage gun is freakin' great, but it doesn't help when you cant reach sore and painful areas on your own. Now you can get deep, powerful muscle relief in the palm of your hand.

If you already have your own massage gun, thats great, but then your back is all like, "Yo! I want some of that magic! Bring it on back!", smirking at its clever (but unintended) pun. And you're all like, "Sorry back. You're hard to reach!" And then we all know what happens next. Your back gets neglected once again... It was time someone solved this great cosmic paradox. Luckily, that's what we do at Brazyn Life. Meet Talon Universal- the best universal massage gun attachment that lets you reach your front AND back!

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Universal Gun Attachment

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Collapsible & Portable

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