Learn how to use your Extension Kits & Morph Skins


Transform two Morph Foam Rollers into the full 30-inch collapsible foam roller of your dreams

extension kit disassembled
extension kit assembly graphic


Morph Skins are easy to take on and off and provide a convenient way to keep your foam roller clean. Custom fit, machine-washable sleeves protect your Morph from grime. Though The Morph is rugged and handsome enough on its own, you might want to dress yours up from time to time.

man removing morph skin
morph roller with gray skins

PRO-TIP: Though it's simple to slide the Morph Skin onto your roller normally, we've found that the fastest way to apply the Morph Skin is to:

1) Turn your skin inside-out
2) While your skin is inside out, slide the Skin about 1" onto your Morph Roller
3) Pull the Skin back so it it applied to the roller and is simultaneously turned right-side-in*
4) Adjust as needed

*This is best accomplished while the Roller is collapsed and held under your chin so both hands can be used