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The Science-Backed Way to Perform Better

Okay Brazyn squad, we’re gonna level with you. We think self-massage is the shiz. BUT, we also pride ourselves on making accurate and realistic content about the products we use and sell. Will foam rolling or percussion massage take you from a couch potato to a marathoner after one use? Probably not. But research shows us that there are significant benefits to these tools when used properly! So, what do the lab-coated braniacs have to say about what fitness recovery tools really do?

Let's don our gloves & goggles and play scientist for just a bit. As ‘scientists,’ we need to ask ourselves, ‘What is the end-goal of using these devices?’ Generally, devices like the Talon and Morph are used to reduce pain, relieve muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and aid in improved ‘recovery’.

And while running a well-controlled study, with perfectly objective output data is difficult (because ultimately how someone “feels” is very subjective), research continues to show that foam rollers, massage guns, and other self-massage devices consistently improve participants' perceived recovery as well as peak explosive power during maximal effort activities. Don’t believe us?

Take a look at these two recent studies. Rahimi et al found that, when randomized into two groups, high level soccer athletes that foam-rolled in-between games during a weekend tournament consistently scored better on recovery questionnaires, especially in the later days of the tournament (when fatigue was highest). Even better, when Giovanelli and colleagues examined the performance of maximum effort jumping in runners, the use of foam rolling on the lower limbs was shown to enhance the peak power and jump height of the foam rolling group! Crazy right?



At the end of the day, foam rolling, percussion massage, and stretching are all great tools and strategies if you commit and create consistent practice around using them. Will they make you the next Michael Jordan? No promises there. But, we’re pretty confident you’ll put down a Brazyn product feeling better than when you picked it up - the first step to living with less pain and performing better. :)

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