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Our omni-functional, fits-in-any-pack massage device. Pick from numerous massage configurations to get the relief you are looking for.  Use the stick by itself or add the adjustable massage rings for deep tissue, precision targeting.

You configure the massage. You control the pressure.  


With a total length of 13”, the Morph Stick is easy to stash in any packso you can relieve aching muscles when you need it most. The base massage surface is wide enough to span all your major muscle groups, while the stick is compact enough to use while you're stuck in even the most cramped spaces - planes, trains, and automobiles.

If you like to exercise or just have a stressful life, this is the ticket...This thing...It's hard to even describe how AWESOME it is


"If you like to exercise or just have a stressful life, this is the ticket...This thing...It's hard to even describe how AWESOME it is"



For kneading and flushing any muscle group.
The massage surface is wide enough to span all you major muscles and is great for massaging sore feet.
Use this to maintain your body throughout your week and stay healthy.

For deep tissue massage on knots and adhesions.
Adjust rings to match your targeted body part.
Use this at work or on the go to target sore spots and recover faster.


Calves | Forearms | Triceps | Biceps


Shins | Spine | Pecs | Neck


Quads | Hamstrings | Glutes | Back



Take your massage stick to the next level. Add additional MASSAGE RINGS to transform your stick into a mini foam roller. The high-density foam rings are designed to target deep knots and adhesions in the tightest muscle groups.


Once you're limber, take your MOPRH STICK to the floor with an ab roller workout. Self-maintenance never hurt so good. Works best with four MASSAGE RINGS (extra rings sold separately).

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    Amy L.
    United States United States

    Portable and Versatile

    I love its portability though I haven't traveled with it yet. I have a longer stick which I had stopped carrying around because it wouldn't fit into my bag (and I was researching bags; what an expensive alternative). The foam is softer than what I was used to from my other stick; it gets "wrinkles" when I press down on them and I feel like if I use my nail I could possible make the foam break off. But I haven't used it long enough to comment on its durability. The foam DOES lend itself to being light, and the additional rings are also extremely light (and quite ingenious with slipping onto the 8-nubbed shape of the stick), another reason that makes it ideal to carry with you. One knows half the battle is just having it when you need it! I also love how you can use it plain, use it with the rings, use it on your legs, use it on your arms, use it on your feet, even use it for your abs! In other words, you can put the device on the ground and push your forearm/foot back and forth on it. You can balance while rolling it back and forth on the ground in order to tighten your abs (ab wheel exercise). Keep in mind, though, I'm a petite Asian female who doesn't go to the gym so this just might be useful for me. Also, not the best tool for it, but useful on the fly in a pinch: by putting one ring on the stick, it also provides a nub that I can press on some sore shoulder points. The ordering and shipping was straight-forward and fast (I ordered Sunday online and it arrived Friday at the doorstep of my home in Texas). Definitely recommend!

    Rick W.
    United States United States

    Great Product

    Not only a great product, but a great company with A+ customer service. The Morph Sticks works perfect and small enough to bring to work.

    Chrissie A.
    United States United States

    Love the Morph Stick

    I love the Morph Stick! Able to get to a specfic muscle group and to get a deep tissue massage is a game changer! Love the ability to move the rings to use on various muscle groups and all in one very compact, easy to take with you Morph Stick!

    A Brazyn Life Customer
    john l.
    United States United States

    Great addition to the Brazyn roller

    This is a nice addition to the roller. It is great for a targeted massage.

    Jose A. Lerma Sr
    United States United States

    Great purchase

    Excellent product. Very pleased with results. Saw and left difference in knee after 3 days. 5 mins a day. Great product

    Scott M.
    United States United States

    Great product

    I use it every other day. Great for a muscle warm up before yoga

    Paul W.
    United States United States

    Moroh Stick

    Great for ab work and great to travel with

    Mark S.
    United States United States

    Morph review

    The “Morph” has truly been a breath of fresh air! I’ve always enjoyed stretching but this gives me a tool to take things to another level in my search for recovery & pain relief. I can feel instant relief in every use. Thank you Morph!!!!!

    Dan M.
    Ireland Ireland

    Love this product

    Excellent - this is a great product with so many uses.. very portable as well.. it will be travelling with me!

    Lauren P.
    Canada Canada

    Firefighter Favorite!

    My husband is a firefighter and I gave him the Morph Roller last year as a gift. He absolutely loved it and still takes it everywhere to help maintain his body between shifts. When I saw the Morph Stick I knew it was a no-brainer. I surprised him with it last week and he is already obsessed! I'm so happy I can give him something that helps his body recover after all those intense fire shifts. He works so hard and these products help him stay in the best condition so he can continue to be a hero everyday. Thank you Brazyn!


    Fantastic Product - perfect for traveling!

    Bought this as a Father's Day gift for my husband as he had been eyeballing various manual massage sticks for awhile. Ultimately, I chose the Morph Stick because of its versatility - love the foam rings - and its compact size. Within two days of receiving the Morph Stick we were on a 5 hr flight and a 4 hour car ride and it was the perfect travel companion. Not only does it fit easily in a carry on bag/backpack but it's easy to use within the tight confines of an airline/car seat. Fantastic for getting those kinks out of the neck or rolling out a tight hamstring. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

    Andrew C.
    United States United States

    Great Purchase, very functional!

    I really like the versatility of the Morph stick; it’s very portable and still has the ability to work my sore muscles. I like the different textures the stick provides and the options you have with the settings for the wheels. You can really target a lot of different areas in multiple ways with the Morph Stick.

    Jeffrey S.
    United States United States

    Hits all the right spots

    It’s a nice multi purpose tool. I am a weekend cyclist and this is great for after a spirited metric on the weekends. I turned a few of my club mates on to it as well. Heck, I even got one for my 16 year old son who plays basketball.

    James U.
    United States United States

    Morph stick

    Awesome piece of equipment!

    Brian H.
    United States United States

    Brazyn Morph Stick Rocks!

    Terrific. Much lighter, more compact, and more versatile than other rollers I have used. Great for gym bag, traveling. Gets to places I had been uable to treat before.

    Carly S.

    Morph stick

    This is amazing! As a massage therapist this is a really great tool to be able to look after myself. It is small and light to be able to take to work with me. When others use it they rave about how good it is, with one of them wanting on for herself. Gets into the spots that you need. Would highly recommend this product to everyone. Well done brazyn such an incredible product!