5 Foam Rolling Moves To Get You Through The Day

Quarantine - Day 365 4:30 PM

"Been sitting in a chair for the past 7 hour straight working on this TPS report from my dining room table. My back is stiff, my legs are numb, and my neck has been 12 inches from the screen all day."

If this is you, then you've come to the right place. The Work From Home life has been an interesting wrinkle in many of our lives. With our work environment and our home cohabiting the same space, the little bits of physical breaks once built into our day are more scarce than ever. No more walking across the office for meetings, no more "walk and talk" with co-workers, no more walking from the car after the commute. It all adds up and taxes your body dearly over the months.

To fight the good fight, we want to give you some of the best tension-relieving, stress-squashing foam roller exercises that will have you feeling like your limber self again.

We'll get started with...



Leave that chair behind and hit the floor. Time for a recovery break. This whole routine only takes 5 minutes (and you know you can spare 5 minutes to make yourself feel amazing).

Position your foam roller below your mid-back. With your hands behind your head, relax your upper body and allow your chest to gradually open. No need to force it–let gravity do the work. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

graphic of woman using a foam roller
graphic of woman using a foam roller


From the Chest Opener, slide your roller up to your neck. Slowly shake your head from side to side as if saying "no" (but thinking "oh yes"). Find your knots and pause on them to release. Stay here for 60 seconds.


Time to release that booty. With your roller placed below your glutes, cross your right leg over the left and balance your weight to your right side. For 30 seconds, roll deeply into your right glute. Switch the crossed leg and repeat for the left side.

graphic of man using a foam roller
graphic of woman using a foam roller


This one will surprise you by how simple and effective it is. Position your foam roller under your lower back (just below your tailbone). Pull one knee to your chest while relaxing the down leg. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch legs.


We call this "the dessert move" and save it for last.

Position your roller mid-back. Round your back to isolate vertebrae. Roll slowly along your back up and down. Find the knots and pause on them to release. Avoid rolling all the way down to your lumbar spine.

Now let's get you back to work ;)

graphic of man using a foam roller